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Discover the various NFTs and their benefits

The XRPLGoldToken 9

9 Ultra Rare NFTs

These 'Ultra-Rare' NFTs were the first NFTs minted specifically for the XRPLGoldToken project, there will never be more of these NFTs minted.

Each of these NFTs generates a 9% Royalty when a sale occurs.

Gold-backed NFTs

NFTs backed by physical Gold

Every one of these NFTs is backed by physical gold, held securely.


Additionally, every* one of these NFTs generates a 1% Royalty each and every time a sale of one occurs, whether the seller is ourselves or anyone else.  100% of the Royalties generated are equally distributed annually on 11th December to the top 99 holders of the XRPLTGT token. Royalties will be given out in XRP.

Check out:

*The first 3 of these NFTs that were minted do not have Royalties applied. All the others do.

Common NFTs


These XRPLGoldToken NTFs are designed to invoke feelings of hope and joy that the mass of humanity has the ability to cast off the shackles of centralised financial systems and create a world where money is able to play less of a role in power and control.

Unlike the XRPLGoldToken 9 these NFTs also have audio & are priced to be affordable.

These NFTs may be found on various XRPLedger NFT exchanges and marketplaces. The legitimate 'minted by' address is: r49ixdcQAx7BctJXtGX7FZkf3wNqzSiTf3

Each of these NFTs generates a 3% Royalty when a sale occurs.

Redeem NFTs for real Gold!

(Currently only available for UK addresses, please do not proceed if your shipping address is not in the UK)

If you hold one of the XRPLGoldToken Gold-backed NFTs you can have the physical gold shipped to your address. Non-refundable Shipping/admin costs apply, following payment we will email you a link with further instructions within 48 hours.

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