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XRPLGoldToken is to become everything it was hoped Bitcoin would be. XRPLGoldToken is to replace Bitcoin as a way for the 99% to throw off the shackles of an unfairly rigged financial system.


The beloved Wojak Meme has been adopted/adapted as a 'poster-child' for XRPLGoldToken. We are the 99% uniting on the XRP Ledger and we want Wojak to win! Will you join us..?



'The XRPLGoldToken 9' is a collection of nine 'ultra rare' NFTs, no more will ever be created.  These NFTs cannot be 'purchased' from us.  Instead, these NFTs were distributed via competitions and giveaways requiring a portion of luck and an act of goodwill from the acquirer. Any sales of these NFTs once distributed will generate a 9% Royalty. 

NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) representing and backed by 1 gram of physical Gold and can be traded/bought/sold by their holders. Additionally, every* one of these NFTs generates a 1% Royalty each and every time a sale of one occurs, whether the seller is ourselves or anyone else.  100% of the Royalties generated are equally distributed annually on 11th December to the top 99 holders of the XRPLTGT token.  The physical Gold cannot be redeemed, however, third-party certified audits of gold holdings are published publicly, annually.


History has taught us that centralised financial systems create unfair playing fields which tend to benefit the wealthy and penalise the poor.  XRPLGoldToken runs on the XRP Ledger, which uses a decentralized consensus mechanism. Unlike the Bitcoin blockchain (and others) the XRPL and by extension XRPLGoldToken do not require large of amounts energy consumption to operate and as such cannot become centralised via large 'Mining' operations.  


Ultimately the utility of any currency is determined by the demand, which is created by people using it in the real world.  To free the 99% of humanity we encourage people not to simply HODL XRPLGoldToken but to ACCEPT it and OFFER it as a form of payment, to the masses this was the original dream/vision/promise of Bitcoin, unfortunately Bitcoin was fundamentally flawed, but now the 99% are back! XRPLGoldToken.. for the love of humanity. Wojak Wins! updated 'Goldpaper' will be published soon..

Logos / other assets
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