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The future is paved with digital gold

The XRPLGoldToken Roadmap is to be used as a guide to estimate the order in which and length of time progress will be made, while we endeavor to meet all our goals within the timeframes suggested here, please be aware that there are no strict deadlines and dates are fluid.


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> Token Creation > Publish Website > Airdrops/Giveaways

> NFT Minting > Project Partnerships > Exchange Listings > Real World Utility

How to

Buy XRPLTGT for the first time

> Install the Xumm Wallet App (Xumm Wallet is a self-custody wallet, meaning you hold your own tokens & are responsible for your private keys, write down the keys & keep them in a safe place, never share your private keys with anyone, neither Xumm, ourselves or anyone else should ever ask for them.)

> Send enough XRP to your wallet address to 'activate the wallet', set the XRPLTGT 'Trustline' & purchase your XRPLTGT (10 XRP is required for the activation & 2 XRP for the setting of any Trustline. This is standard for all XRPLedger wallets)

> Set the XRPLTGT Trustline within Xumm (Xumm Wallet will ask you to sign for it, you may receive a cautionary warning, this is standard for tokens on the XRPLedger)

> Go to the Sologenic XRPLTGT/XRP trading pair

> Connect your Xumm Wallet & place your order


Manually Add XRPLTGT in Sologenic DEX as a custom pairing with SOLO or XRP

> Go to the Sologenic TRADE section

> Click on the current trading pair
> Click on the Gears icon

> Click 'BASE' & select either SOLO or XRP

> Click 'COUNTER' & then click 'Issuer'

> Scroll down & select '+Other'

> In the 'Enter Custom Issuer' box enter the XRPLTGT Issuer address as follows: rspdZ6yA1VKPcA2fJxKeWUfmcrqRrF9CJ9 & click the search icon

> Click the 'Currency' box below to reveal XRPLTGT, select it & click 'CONFIRM' then click 'CONFIRM' again
> Alternatively, simply follow this link & be sure to click the Star icon to save it as a favourite for next time


What is XRPLGoldToken

XRPLGoldToken is a hybrid utility/memecoin/protestcoin/socialcoin running on the XRP Ledger. Its utility comes from its inherent features as a token running on the XRPL (fast transaction settlement, micro transaction costs, eco credentials). Its meme appeal is created by the adoption & adaption of the globally beloved 'Wojak' meme. XRPLGoldToken is an embodiment of all that the 99% of humanity hopes, dreams & strives for. 

What are Trustlines?

Trust lines are structures in the XRP Ledger for holding tokens. Trust lines enforce the XRP Ledger's rule that you cannot cause someone else to hold a token they don't want. (source:

How can I help to grow the XRPLGoldToken Community?

Like Bitcoin, you can help grow the XRPLGoldToken community by using XRPLTGT between each other. If you run a business or offer a service, consider accepting payment in XRPLTGT, if you're dealing with a business enquire if they accept XRPLTGT. Speak to friends & family to spread the word about XRPLGoldToken. Change your social profile pictures to the XRPLGoldToken Wojak logo. Take the time to vote for XRPLTGT on the various websites it is listed. Be actively engaged with XRPLGoldToken social channels. Don't be too greedy, think how fast the community would grow if every holder sent even a small number of XRPLTGT tokens to someone who doesn't yet have any. Ultimately the community itself is what determines its own growth.

How can I accept XRPLTGT from others as an individual or business?

It's simple. If you don't have Xumm Wallet yet please follow our How to 'Buy XRPLTGT for the first time' above. Once you have done that, you can start accepting XRPLTGT to your wallet by sharing your public wallet address so others can send you XRPLTGT, you can also convert your wallet address to a QR Code using a free online tool such as


Can XRPLTGT be mined or more of the token created?

No. XRPLTGT cannot be mined. There are 10,000,000 XRPTGT tokens & no more can ever be created, even if somebody wanted to, it is not possible as the token Issuing address on the XRPL has been 'blackholed'.

What is the Purpose of XRPLGoldToken?

The lofty goal is for XRPLGoldToken to replace Bitcoin as the worlds most widely traded & accepted digital asset, a digital asset with the technology that can actually deliver on the promise to maximise the financial autonomy of individuals & businesses around the globe. The team currently working to grow the community see themselves as temporary custodians & the XRPLGoldToken project will eventually pass into being wholly operated in a decentralised manner by the community at large. 

You don't advertise a 'Team Wallet', why?

We don't advertise a team wallet because there isn't one.

What advantages does XRPLTGT have by running on the XRP Ledger?

Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum & other blockchains or distributed ledger technologies, the XRP Ledger (XRPL) is extremely fast, extremely low cost to transact on, extremely energy efficient, extremely stable, secure & scalable. All these things make a compelling case for running on the XRPL. Don't believe it? Try it for yourself by using the self custody Xumm Wallet & completing a couple of transactions yourself. You can also check out

To get listed below please contact us

UK - Staffordshire Computers | Laptop DC Power Socket Repair



for the 99%

XRPLGoldToken Richlist
(Please note: This Richlist service is run/operated/created by a third party not associated with 
 or XRPLGoldToken.)

Project Wallets:
(Issuing account/wallet which was black holed when the token was created)
(Receiver wallet, where all tokens were sent when the tokens were first created and from airdrops/giveaways etc are sent from)


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